Company History

Qualstar headquarters

Qualstar Corporation was incorporated in California in 1984 to develop and manufacture tape drives for the personal computer and workstation marketplaces. Commencing in 1995, the Company focused its efforts on designing, developing, manufacturing and selling automated magnetic tape libraries used to store, retrieve and manage electronic data, primarily in the network computing environment. Qualstar libraries provide storage solutions for organizations requiring backup, recovery, and archival storage of critical electronic information.

With the ever-increasing volume of data generated by diverse industries in today's global marketplace, Qualstar continually keeps pace with the latest developments in ultra high storage densities, offering tape libraries utilizing the latest LTO tape drive technology.

In July 2002, Qualstar purchased the assets of N2Power, Inc., a supplier of ultra-small high efficiency open-frame switching power supplies. Power supplies are sold with the N2Power brand name, as well as under private label brand names to original equipment manufacturers.

On June 30, 2014, Qualstar formed a Singapore corporation as part of its plan to hire and expand our engineering and product development staff in Singapore, in order to support Qualstar's overall product expansion.