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RLS 8350 Rack Mount Library



The RLS-8350 extends Qualstar’s well-respected RLS Series of Simply Reliable automated, high capacity rack mountable tape libraries. Offering superior performance and value, a single RLS-8350 library module delivers 600 terabytes of data in LTO-8 native mode. Using typical data compression ratios, capacity can increase to 1.5 petabytes. Multi-unit configurations can support as much as 12.3 petabytes in a single rack.

RLS-8350 Rack

Expansion Ready

Any RLS-8350 library can be expanded by adding up to three RLS-85120 modules, increasing capacity by over eight times.

  • Up to 410 tapes enabling 12.3PB of compressed data to be stored in just 36U
  • Up to 19 LTO-6, LTO-7 or LTO-8 SAS or FC drives
  • Field upgrades are User-installable, self-calibrating and automatically discovered
  • FastPass™, Qualstar's simple, robust tape mover fits entirely within the library
  • No additional power or cooling needed

Encryption Enabled

Protect valuable data in transit

  • Simple, easy-to-use
  • Library-based encryption
  • User assigns keys
  • Separate key per partition

Q-Link™ Remote Manager

Q-Link enables any RLS tape library to be configured, monitored, diagnosed and managed from anywhere in the world

  • Web browser-based
  • Single-view local and remote management
  • Remote monitoring and troubleshooting

Reliable, Intelligent Robotics

The RLS-8350’s unique robotic mechanism is Simply Reliable by design

  • Leadscrew based robotics
  • Brushless DC motors and closed-loop servo control systems
  • All field-replaceable units, options and tape drives are auto-discovering
  • No electrical and mechanical adjustments
  • Drives are self-connecting, simply slide them in or out
  • All service access is via the front or rear of the unit without removing it from the rack

Easy Operation

The RLS-8350 is equipped with a high resolution, color touch screen for local operation.

  • Intuitive menu-driven user interface
  • Easy-to-use installation, configuration and operation
  • All functions and controls are replicated in the Q-Link browser-based remote manager

Advanced Cartridge Management And Security

  • Barcode scanning controls the media inventory
  • Dedicated 4-slot I/O port in base module
  • Additional I/O ports optional in expansion modules

Logical Library

Logical Library partitioning enables multiple servers to share a single library; up to one partition per drive.

Engineered for Reliability:

  • Auto-connecting, user-installable tape drives
  • All brushless motors
  • Self-calibrating all-digital servo control system
  • Auto-aligning: No mechanical or electrical adjustments
  • Auto-discovery of all components
  • Automated tape drive cleaning
  • Filtered, forced-air cooling


  • Field expandable to 4 modules using Qualstar's Fastpass tape mover technology
  • Built-in library-based encryption
  • ADI library interface
  • Dedicated 4-slot I/O port doesn't reduce capacity of base module
  • N+1 power option
  • Fibre Channel and SAS drive interface support
  • Logical Library partitioning
  • All access through front and back of unit

Comprehensive User Interface:

  • Q-Link browser-based remote library manager
  • Color LCD touch control panel and menu system for easy installation, configuration, operation and maintenance

Efficient Media Control:

  • Barcode scanner
  • Up to seven 4-slot I/O ports for media insertion and removal in maximum configuration
  • Key-lockable tape bays


  • Three year warranty
  • Simple, easy-to-use encryption
  • User field expansion up to 410 slots and 19 tape drives
  • Rack mount kit
Standalone RLS-8350 With 3 expansion modules
Drive Types LTO-Ultrium 6, 7 or 8
Number of Tape Drives 1-4 half-height drives Up to 19
Number of Cartridge Slots 50 410
I/O Ports/Slots 1 port with 4 slots Up to 7 ports with 4 slots each
Native Capacity – LTO-6 125TB Up to 1.03 PB
Max Compressed (2.5:1) Capacity – LTO-6 312TB Up to 2.6 PB
Native Data Rate – LTO-6 2.3TB/hr. Up to 10.9TB/hr.
Compressed Data Rate – LTO-6 5.75TB/hr. Up to 27.3TB/hr.
Native Capacity – LTO-7 300TB Up to 2.5 PB
Max Compressed (2.5:1) Capacity – LTO-7 750TB Up to 6.2 PB
Native Data Rate – LTO-7 4.3TB/hr. Up to 20.5TB/hr.
Compressed Data Rate – LTO-7 10.8TB/hr. Up to 51.3TB/hr.
Native Capacity – LTO-8 600TB Up to 4.9PB
Max Compressed (2.5:1) Capacity – LTO-8 750TB Up to 12.3PB
Native Data Rate – LTO-8 4.3TB/hr. Up to 20.5TB/hr.
Compressed Data Rate – LTO-8 10.8TB/hr. Up to 51.3TB/hr.
Drive Interfaces SAS or FC
Library Interface ADI
Barcode Reader Standard
Time to scan all barcodes Less than 112 secs. Less than 149 secs.
Rack Mount Kit Standard
Height 6U (10.5″ / 26.7cm) 36U (63″ / 160cm)
Width 17.5″ / 44.5cm
Depth 35.8″ / 91cm
Fully Loaded Weight 120 lb / 55 kg 660 lb / 300 kg
Empty Weight - without tape matrixes or drives 50 lb / 20 kg N/A
Warranty 3 years