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XLS-832700 Library Resource Module


Qualstar's Compass Architecture


XLS is Qualstar's Simply Reliable highly modular enterprise library system. It delivers new levels of density, flexibility, scalability and ease of use, coupled with our proven record of reliability and value. If your need is for large tape storage capacity with very high throughput capability, the XLS‑832700 is the right choice of Library Resource Module (LRM) for you. In a multi-unit configuration with XLS‑89000 Media Expansion Modules, library capacity can be expanded to more than 6,300 tapes.

Key Highlights

  • Single LRM scales easily from 4 to 32 LTO-6, LTO-7 or LTO-8 tape drives, with maximum throughput rate exceeding 86TB per hour
  • Options allow a single LRM to be configured with a capacity from 260 tape slots up to a maximum of 700 slots
  • Patented Compass Architecture enables full 360 degree robotic tape access, minimizing robot seek times
  • Up to 40 I/O slots per LRM speed bulk tape handling operations
  • Up to eight independent host connections, each with its own logical partition
  • Integrated diagnostics and advanced monitoring maximize uptime
  • Advanced single-view, browser-based interface provides uniform local and worldwide management
  • Large color touch-screen facilitates local management and control of the library
  • N+1 power system and hot-swappable components
  • Highly efficient robotics design yields low power consumption, reduced cooling requirements
  • Qualstar Technical Support provides remote diagnostic access to minimize service interruptions and reduce downtime
  • Extended Service and Support plans are available

The XLS-832700 LRM can be configured to house from 260 LTO tape cartridges up to a maximum of 700 cartridges. This flexibility is accomplished through configuration options such as 1 or 2 door-mounted magazines, each with capacity for 110 tape cartridges; 8 dual-purpose resource bays for tape drives (up to 4 drives per bay) or tape slots (30 slots per bay); and four dual-purpose front-mounted magazine spaces each capable of holding either a 10-slot I/O port or 10 fixed tape slots. Your Qualstar representative will work with you to configure the right solution to meet your needs.


The XLS accommodates up to eight Fibre Channel library control channels. User configured parameters can be backed up remotely so that in the event of a major library controller failure/replacement the user configuration can be uploaded and the library brought back online immediately.


X-Link is a powerful, browser-based graphical user interface that gives both local and remote administrators a single-view, comprehensive tool set to configure, manage, monitor and control XLS via a single IP connection, worldwide. A large color touch screen provides local management and control.


Up to eight individual library partitions can be established. Each partition contains one or more Fibre Channel tape drives, and a dedicated library control interface. X-Link gives administrators complete information about and control of the storage elements assigned to each partition, making setup, administration and re-configuration easy.


XLS is designed to support field-replaceable units (FRUs), incorporating easily exchanged modules. The power supplies, cooling fans, and drives are all designed for easy replacement. MTTR for any service operation is <30 minutes. Remote access by Qualstar Technical Support speeds monitoring and diagnosis to eliminate service interruptions.


N+1 power is standard on the XLS-832700. The system controller uses a journaling file system for faster recovery from power loss / system resets. XLS uses a distributed control intelligence connected by a high reliability CAN bus. Advanced diagnostics and error recovery procedures are incorporated in the XLS firmware design.

XLS-832700 Library Resource Module
Drive Types LTO Ultrium 6, 7 or 8
Number of Tape Drives 4 - 32 full-height tape drives
Number of Cartridge Slots 260 - 700 depending on options
I/O Ports/Slots 2 - 4 ten-slot I/O Ports
Native Capacity – LTO-6 0.65 - 1.75PB
Max Compressed (2.5:1) Capacity – LTO-6 1.63 - 4.38PB
Native Data Rate – LTO-6 160 MB/sec per drive
Native Capacity – LTO-7 1.56 - 4.20PB
Max Compressed (2.5:1) Capacity – LTO-7 3.9 - 10.50PB
Native Data Rate – LTO-7 300MB/sec per drive
Native Capacity – LTO-8 3.12 - 8.40PB
Max Compressed (2.5:1) Capacity – LTO-8 7.80 - 21.00PB
Native Data Rate – LTO-8 360MB/sec per drive
Drive Interfaces Fibre Channel
Barcode Reader Standard
Rack Mount Kit N/A
Height 78" / 199cm
Width 45″ / 114cm
Depth 35″ / 89cm
Net Weight (empty*) 800 lb / 363 kg
Power Consumption 525 - 1,900 watts, depending on options
Warranty 3 years

* Configured with 4 tape drives. No tape cartridges installed.